The novels, by Hilary Mantel, won multiple honors and became world-famous, best-selling sensations. The plays sold out at Stratford-upon-Avon and quickly transferred to London, where they received critical raves, broke box office records and triumphed as the West End's biggest hits. Now the Royal Shakespeare Company's productions of WOLF HALL Parts 1 & 2 are coming to Broadway for a strictly limited engagement! Performed in repertory, these exhilarating stories of power and persuasion will transport audiences to the volatile court of Henry VIII, where words cut like steel and the shadow of the Tower loomed over all. You cannot afford to miss the most thrilling theatrical event of the season, WOLF HALL Parts 1 & 2.

England, 1527. The court of Henry VIII is in upheaval as the King rages over his lack of a male heir. But when Henry's anger turns to passion for the alluring Anne Boleyn, the Pope refuses to grant him an annulment from his wife, Catherine of Aragon. Into the fray steps Thomas Cromwell, a man of great ambition and humble origins who has earned himself a place in the court. Cromwell realizes that the courtier who can get Anne into Henry’s bed will win the highest favor of the Crown. Using charm, deception and wit, he will climb the thorny ladder of power and bring the King what he most desires.

Cromwell has succeeded in getting King Henry VIII his divorce. Anne Boleyn is now Henry’s queen, and Thomas Cromwell has been made the King’s chief adviser…and chief fixer. Despite years of marriage, Anne has failed to deliver Henry a male heir, and when her willful behavior alienates the nobility, the King turns his eyes towards a new conquest: Jane Seymour. Thomas Cromwell believes his only hope to satisfy the hot-blooded Henry is to align with his greatest enemies in the court. But whose head will pay for his ruthless ambition?


"Thomas Cromwell, the guileful right hand to King Henry VIII, was said to be fluent in many tongues and adept at double talk in all of them. But I imagine even he would be impressed by the act of translation of Hilary Mantel's best-selling shadow-steeped and highly nuanced novels about Cromwell, 'Wolf Hall' and 'Bring Up the Bodies'. Bright, brisk, and absorbing, these are true works of popular theater, enlivened by splashes of pageantry and vibrant performances. The storytelling momentum builds into a gallop that irresistibly pulls us along."
Ben Brantley
January 22, 2014

"Having spent a most informative day and night at their rural digs in January, I thought I'd drop in on this attractive, slightly malicious crew for another tasty vivisection of their friends, lovers and rivals. And I have to say that when it comes to dishing the dirt, there's not a scandalmonger in town who can touch them. I found myself more engrossed than ever by this galloping retelling of a fraught and pivotal chapter in English history (and divorce law) and I realized anew how much of the power of narrative relies upon gossip. That's the force that transforms lives both ordinary and exalted into a never-ending, edge-of-the-seat serial that is subject to eternal mutation, and revision. In '‘Wolf Hall', our ambitious hero inhabits a landscape that has been infused with the feeling of dark corridors, dank country piles and urban alleys illuminated by torches and candles. It's a world of shadows, ideal for those whose rises and falls depend on eavesdropping and peeking through keyholes. I was bewitched again."
Ben Brantley
July 24, 2014